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Zoneflex 7731 Throughput

New Contributor II
Just installed four 7731 radios to connect to our remote office. We needed to put two of them at a location in the middle since we did not have line of sight. At that location, the two radios are patched using a cat6 cable and each of them is pointed towards the main office and the remote office respectively.

From the main office to the middle location, we get 90 Mbps using the speed flex tool. From the remote office to the middle location, we get 195 Mbps.

However, when we copy files from the server at the main site to the remote location, we're getting about 2MB/s which is 16 Mbps. This is far lower than the 90 Mbps we're seeing from speed flex.

Any ideas why the discrepancy? We're setting up the 7731s as trunks and pass 4 vlans. If I create the vlans on the switch the 7731 is plugged into at the main site, i have no issues transferring the files. So something is happening while the data is going over the air.

Installer is out of ideas as they go by speed flex. Ruckus support is asking me if there is a radar at the middle location as there were some suspicious entries in the logs.

My thinking is that a radar will make the connection unstable and not constantly give me great performance through flex speed and poor performance when using computers to transfer data.

Valued Contributor II
I'd be inclined to look closely at how the two AP's in the center are connected. If through a switch - any sign of errors incrementing on the switch ports? Did both sides negotiate correctly - full duplex, etc? Try swapping cables, ports, etc.

If radar were the issue I'd expect it to impact all the measurements, not just the ones that traverse the central site.

New Contributor II
Changed the channel at site 1 to a different channel and I am getting about 72 Mbps now which is a lot closer to what speed flex was giving me. Not sure why that would be the case as I would assume a channel issue to affect both speed flex and computer data transfer. I am just glad it is working now and will need to monitor and see.

New Contributor II
Thanks Keith. There was a 1Gb dumb switch connecting the two radios at the middle location, but i've asked the installer to remove that and patch the radios directly. That did not solve the issue, but selecting a different channel solved it for now.

New Contributor II
Hi I had the same issue with 7731 pair, and found that with latest firmware you have to go in to advanced settings and set the distance manually, my install was approx 300m apart so setting the distance to "1km" on both root and non root AP's brought the speed back up to approx 180mbs which is what I expect to see on these.