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Zonedirector firmware build 254 pulled?


Hi, why was ZD1200 firmware build 254 pulled from the download site?


New Contributor III

Hi sander_groen,

I think it has!

I downloaded it on Friday- 1200 ZD and 4 R510 APs. Left the APs disconnected after failing to update their firmware. I rolled back ok, but wouldn’t recommend anyone else try it. 

Late Friday I received an email from Ruckus OPs:-

“We are contacting you because you downloaded the RUCKUS ZoneDirector (GA Refresh3) software image and/or MIBs file on 8-9 April 2021 from the RUCKUS Support Portal. 


The RUCKUS ZoneDirector (GA Refresh3) software release has some unresolved bugs that might cause issues if the release is deployed in your network.  RUCKUS Engineering will release a software update for them in the first week of May 2021.


At this time, we recommend you do not install the RUCKUS ZoneDirector (GA Refresh3) software in your network.  If you have already installed it, please roll back to your previously-installed version.  If you require assistance  please open a case with the RUCKUS Support TAC at


We apologize and regret any inconvenience that this has caused. 




RUCKUS Networks”

Hope that helps.


@andrew_bailey_7466666 thanks! We got the same email. I wonder what is broken in this release. Got my lab running this version haven’t seen any issues yet. I’ll wait for the updated version.