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ZoneFlex Release (9.7MR1) now available!

Valued Contributor II
This is the first maintenance release for 9.7

The ZoneDirector images are available now. Images for standalone AP's are still being posted.

This release includes important bug fixes. Please read the Release Notes for details.

[edited to correct version...]

Valued Contributor
No and yes! If you edited your device name and AP name to be identical then Yes.
If like me you have given them different names then No. See pics for confirmation...note G2A(ASPIRE). So my AP name ids the "description". Confused, bet you are.

in monitor view - currently connected clients the AP name refers to the device name that is editable in... configure - access point.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41b135b77e2479695b6_8bd0b7ecca24035cb24277d73a06ad98_APnameDevname01_inline-3e9e0932-1ff9-447b-bdcf-910ac8473d88-317172954.jpg1401713722

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41b135b77e2479695b6_b8f592545dcf9613fc403db5eba13a9b_APnameDevname02_inline-c88da8e2-2e26-484a-9399-2f7c119a09b7-1939738956.jpg1401713806

New Contributor III
Hi Max,
Thank you for the reply.
I understand it!
However, why don't you separate Device name and Description?

Valued Contributor
The APs don't move around and they are all same model. The craftroom AP lives on the ceiling of the craftroom. So kept description same as device name.

Just so happens that the G2A unit is new and I knew it previously as ASPIRE so that was descriptive to me! Totally your choice how you do these things.
Meaningful names help both me and the site staff when explaining problems and locations.

New Contributor III
I’m sorry for not explaining sufficiently.
Why don't you separate Device name and Description (and MAC address) on Currently Active Clients columns?

Valued Contributor
Getting a bit off topic here.

The wording of the column headings in the ZD GUI could do with a small amount of housekeeping for consistency. If you want Ruckus to change it then put in a request.

Screenshot below shows that I leave out a column because in general it's just adding repetition (in my scenario). Location/description/device name are all very similar so no point seeing them all. On Location info I added initials of teaching staff who "own" the room. Minor but useful to me.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c405135b77e24791e2b6_00e883556830b592353d02f22c849492_APmonitorcolumns_inline-aa3aa613-79b3-475a-9ba9-0ebc5ca8e81c-1737599905.jpg1401786339