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ZoneFlex 7055 VLAN

New Contributor
I would like to get assistance. This is a proposal for a hotel. My scenario is llike this:

Current Setup:
Two physical networks. One For Internet and the other one for IPTV. Two subnets and each one having its own DHCP Server. Each Guest Room has 2 links coming in.

Only one link should come in to the Guest Room which will provide Internet, IPTV and provide 3 Rj45 ports for Telephone and also provide wifi.

Our Proposal:

We want to propose ZF-7055 for each Guest Room. Use the existing IPTV network infrastructure ( switches will be replaced with the HP 2620-24-POE+ ) The Internet network link will be connected with the IPTV network at the Server Rooom.
My question is, if we connect ZF-7055, how can I configure room IPTV to get its own subnet IP and Computer to have its own subnet? Can I configure vlan on the ZF-7055 so that one port is on diffrent subnet than the other port? If that is possible,
Can somebody send me a link to show how to do it?


Contributor II
You can tag each of the LAN port as different VALN.

1. Go to Configure>Access Points
2. Create a new "7055 Group" if you have non 7055, or edit the default.
3. In the "Model Specific Control" section select ZF7055.
4. Check the Port setting to "Override System Default"
5. Change the VLAN ID for each of the LAN ports as needed.

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New Contributor
AP 7055 able to cover the corridor in front of your hotel room if you put inside hotel room?

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Como puedo crear una vlan