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ZoneDirector Upgrade from

New Contributor III

Our ZoneDirector 3000 is currently running firmware.  The release notes for version firmware do not include in the list of officially supported upgrade paths. 

Is there a supported upgrade path from to



Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Bob,

You can upgrade the ZD to first and then to 9.12.1.

Check the supported APs list in the release notes before proceeding with any upgrade to know whether the APs in your network are supported in that firmware or not .

- Anusha V

New Contributor III


I could do that, but  is not in the list of officially supported upgrade paths on the release notes, so I'm not sure if that is supported either.

I'm wondering if was left off the list of supported upgrade paths inadvertently, or if there is a real problem with following this path?

Valued Contributor II
bob, you can downgrade if it is possible to the version which is supported to upgrade to

Please make sure you back up the controller before you upgrade/downgrade. If in any case, please chk with support for doubts..

New Contributor
This is a common issue.  You have to check which of the supported upgrade path versions you can upgrade to.  It is a bit tedious to check each version as some versions require premium support to download.  Sometimes you have to do 2-3 upgrades to get current.  Dig through the release notes for each version and you will find a supported upgrade path.