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ZoneDirector Redundancy

New Contributor II
HI, How does one Configure a redundant Unit? in the following ways; address, vlans & licenses?
e.g my scenario: my zd ipv4 address is in Vlan 5; and my management ip is in vlan 2.
Does the redundant Unit have the same ipv4 config IP address with the primary Unit or is it the Management IP that they have the same address?
What would be the peer IP address? and is it configured in Primary or redundant unit.?
My existing controller has 50 licenses and purchased 300 AP licenses for it. The redundant Unit also has 300 AP licenses. Doesnt that make it 350>300, will that still work, even though i have just 200 APs.

Valued Contributor II
Dear Wale idowu,

If your redundant Unit is in a different subnet and different VLAN then Just make sure that your redundant Unit is able to talk to primary Unit and AP's & vice versa. Also refer to ZD user guide to ensure that all ports for ZD to ZD comms & AP's are opened both ways. Also make use of limited ZD discovery feature on the ZD so that both ZD's IP even if in different subnet and VLAN are learnt by AP's.

Also test it out sufficiently so that any glitches in such configuration are addressed.

As far as i know, Management IP is used for managing the whichever active or primary ZD for monitoring by admin and does not play any role in redundancy.

Redundant Unit must have unique ipv4 config IP address preferably same subnet as primary Unit.

peer IP address is unique ipv4 config IP address preferably same subnet as primary Unit and has to be configured manually in Redundant Unit first, then put to network then configured from primary Unit. Refer to ZD user guide for the step by step process.

Idealy both ZD should have same license count however in your case your no of AP's are less that your ZD AP license so that should not be a issue.

zd user guide is available here -->

Hope this helps

New Contributor
I am currently attempting to configure smart redundancy on my Zone Director 3050 model running build 35.
I have the newly purchased unit that has the license for the exact amount that is currently running on my existing controller.  I have it configured on the same subnet as the existing  unit but when I try to select the checkbox for "Enable Smart Redundancy" I get a red circle icon and it will not let me select this option. 

Existing unit: IPv4 Configuration x.x.41.2 Gateway x.x.41.1
MGMT Int: x.x.10.252
New Unit: IPv4 Configuration x.x.41.3 Gateway x.x.41.1
MGMT Int: Not Configured

I have logged out and logged back in (using my AD super user credentials) and the result is still the same.  
Does anyone have any idea why this would be occurring?