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Same SSID with Multiple Vlan

New Contributor II
I have ZoneDirector ZD1200, Build build 35.

I have building A and B with same SSID let say "test".

Each building have different  Vlan total 4 Vlan each Vlan has it own DHCP range.

Now how can i mange different different Vlan AP with ZD1200 with same SSID?


Valued Contributor II
VLAN pooling you can consider... see below KB for more info

Contributor II
Hi Dipesh,

Try this:

1: Create WLAN Groups for each building
2: Create AP groups for each building
3: Create a SSID for each building:
 WLAN should be named different for each building, but the ESSID can be the same. ESSID is what the client sees 'on the air'.

4: Assign the WLAN to the WLAN Group for the building, and assign that WG to the AP Group.
5: Assign AP's in each build to the AP group for that building

Test if it works.. I have not tried it, but in theory it should.

If you do this, just to keep DHCP ranges down, it might be easier to look into Dynamic VLAN's

I have configured above steps,  now AP didn't communicate with the controller.
I am using Cisco POE switches I have tag ZD port and untagged  AP port both trunk mode in Vlan5 and but AP is not communicating with ZD, while my dhcp server works.

Check you switch.
What VLAn is the AP's MAC registred on?
Can you ping the AP IP?
And from where?

AP should not stop talking to the ZD unless you changed the management VLAN it's on..