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ZoneDirector MGMT web page not responding

New Contributor II
I have a strange one here. I am able to login into my zone director via SSH but unable to log in via https... Not sure when the https stopped working, but it did at least a month ago. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Patrick,

Is it possible for you to hardwire a client into ZD and see if it is able to deliver the page?

If you don't get the page , run wire shark on the laptop to see the http traffic .


New Contributor II
I opened a ticket with ruckus support, and they have indicated that it is a SSL certificate problem. Apparently i have to re install the default cert and reboot the ZD. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on this matter.

Hi Patrick,

My ZD1200 had the same the problem with Certificate, i can not open the web page (https). 
Please help me details how to re-install the defaut cert... sorry i don't know much about ZD and CLI.
Thanks in advanced. Nam Nguyen.

Hi Nam, we have documented the ZD default certificate recovery process in KBA-1145.
I hope this is helpful.

Troubleshooting Steps Image_ images_messages_5f91c46b135b77e247a77206_df6de8926f590759eb6af57262fc1c54_info16-5d48b374-a955-4249-a839-f04dfcf25d4b-1849708274.png

1. ping ZD's IP address, and get reply.
2. try to web log in ZD. but we cannot web log in ZD.
3. try to ssh log in ZD, and get login prompt ok.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c46b135b77e247a77206_df6de8926f590759eb6af57262fc1c54_info16-5d48b374-a955-4249-a839-f04dfcf25d4b-1849708274.png

If the ZoneDirector will ping/ssh but not open WebGUI, follow the below procedure to reset/restore the ZD certificate:

SSH into your ZD, login with your admin credentials and you can reset
your certificate through the command interface and this will restart
your Zone Director when reset.

Ruckus> en
Ruckus# config
Ruckus (config)# certificate
Ruckus (config-certificate)# restore

• Zone Director will restart now to apply the changes in the certificate settings.

Hello everybody, i have a ZD3000 with the build 15 already and sometimes i have huge problems opening the dashboard, to slow and giving sometimes timeout, Since i have already 9.8 someone know what might be the problem? regards