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ZoneDirector 5000 - End of Sale Pre-Announcement

Esteemed Contributor II
This is the ZoneDirector 5000 model End of Sales Pre-announcment.  See details on Support.


    Ordering SKUs will beremoved from the Ruckus price list on December 31st, 2016 for ZD5000

and Partner/WatchdogSupport.  Alternative platforms for ZD5K are SCG200, SZ100, and vSZ (both –E

and –H).  Ruckus willcontinue to sell/support ZD1200, ZD3000, SCG200, SZ100 hardware appliances.

Valued Contributor II
I've wondered based on recent trends, what Ruckus's "premier" / leading platforms are, or if the official line is "we love all of our children equally, we swear!"

It seems like SmartZone is clearly the most capable / advanced / quickest updated platform, and that's totally understandable for the huge scale deployments that make Ruckus famous.

But for SMB and medium-to-large businesses served by the ZD1200 to 5000 platforms, it seems less obvious. There's the ZD platform, the Unleashed platform for small/simple deployments, and Cloud, which is based off SZ but doesn't really expose advanced SZ features.

Will there be a trend towards ZD platforms fallout of of favor compared to Unleashed/Cloud/SZ, or am I reading too far between the lines?

Esteemed Contributor II
All those flavors remain on the Ruckus product plate, meant to fit the size and business needs.

Does ruckus have a clear description/diagram of product direction and life expentancy?