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ZoneDirector 1200 : Upgrading from build 216 to 10.x

New Contributor
Hi, my name’s Tim. I’m new to Ruckus but have just taken over responsibility for a small company with a ZoneDirector 1200 which has a very old firmware. The Support site release notes aren’t clear a direct upgrade path to a version 10.x firmware without an intermediary upgrade step. Can someone give me a conclusive answer please. I’ve just completed the ZoneDirector 1200 training so comfortable with the gear. It’s all working perfectly so I don’t want to stuff the staff working or the devices. 

They have 2xR500, 2x R610 and 1xZf7372. Every release note  says the ZF7273 isn’t supported anymore so I’ll have to buy a replacement (is a R610 suitable?). 
Any guidance really appreciated 

Hello Tim,

Kindly follow the below upgrade path to upgrade from 9.9 image to 10.x image. 

9.9 >> 9.10 >> 9.13 >> 10.1 >> 10.2 or >> 10.3

The AP model you are referring is it ZF7372 ? If Yes then ZF7372 is supported till image 10.1, it is not supported from 10.2 and higher code.

Best Regards

Oh wow, that many !! Well I’m not surprised, it must be the original firmware out the box. Really appreciate the response.

Question: I’d like to change the ZF7372. Which is the equivalent current model replacement to this one ? The R610? If yes, then that means I can standardize on that model and replacement the R500’s

Thank you for helping Vineet

Hey Tim,

The direct replacement for the ZF7372 would be the R510 however R610 is actually a better investment and its radio chains/streams would be 3x3:3 as opposed to the 2x2:2 that are on both the ZF7372 and R510.

It would be better for increased performance without having to spend the extra dollars on the R710. It obviously all depends on your needs but I do think R610 would be a good middle ground and get you started for standards.