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Zone Director1000 and AP 7372

New Contributor

We have to conect our ZD 100 with news AP 7372, but when we conect them to the ZD we obtain an error that the AP is nos supported.

We think that we need to upgrade the ZD because we have version 8.

What we have to do to upgrade?

Esteemed Contributor II
Sorry, but ZD1000 can only run as high as 9.4.3 firmware.

The ZD7352, 7372, 7782 first support was version 9.5.x.

With ZD1000, you can use 7363/7343, 7982, 7962/7762 model APs with 64mb RAM.

Esteemed Contributor II
All ZD1000 users on 8.x firmware, can follow this upgrade path to the latest (last)
release for ZD1K.

Image 8.2 :

Image 9.1 :

Image 9.3 :

You can disconnect the AP/ZD communication while you upgrade ZDs, and APs
will upgrade to whatever version the ZD is running. (sometimes faster process if
upgrading more than one version).

Upgrade procedure should start at Administer/Backup page, and save a copy of
your current ZD configuration. Add digits like '82207' to the file to remind you what
version the backups came from, in case you need to downgrade.

Otw, you may also need to clear current alarms/alerts and reboot to free up memory
for a ZD1K upgrade (only the first one). Run a continuous ping to the ZD's IP addr
as it upgrades, so you know when it reboots to load the new version. If the ZD
screen doesn't take you back to Login page after 5 minutes after you saw pings
miss, click the URL on the screen to get to the Login page. See Monitor/Access
Points to watch APs go thru firmware upgrade, to disconnected when they reboot,
to provisioning and finally Connected states again.

New Contributor
Thanks a lot.

I contact with my local vendor, and he said me that all ZD are compatibles con all ruckus AP.

Where can I check this incompatibility?

Which of these 7363/7343, 7982, 7962/7762 you consider better for ours?

Now we have 12 AP zf7942

New Contributor

what AP's can I add to existing set up (ZD1K plus 4 x zf7343) for residential system?

Or should I replace entire system with new stock?