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Zone Director External Landing Page Variables

New Contributor
I posted this topic a while back but I must not have been very clear.

I am using a hotspot service to host a landing page for my Zone Director. I have the username and password fields but I also require fields for success pages (post authentication pages) and failure pages (when authentication fails I need to redirect back to the initial page with all the variables in the url).

Is there a Zone Director API for creating landing pages for Zone Directors?


Contributor II
Hi Allan,

I am not sure I completely understand your situation. From what I read, you have setup hotspot service and the initial redirect works and the external web site is asking for a username and password, which will be put in as part of a post back to the ZD for authentication purposes and if the user enters the correct username and password, all works well.

is my above understanding correct?

If that is the case then a failed username/password auth request will keep the client in question in an "Unauthorized" state and if and when the client request web access again it will be pushed to the external web site again and again until it is successful.

New Contributor
When I use Nomadix and HP controllers they each have variables I use in my POST in a form that directs the controller for post auth success and failure states. I can set the post auth redirect page in the ZD but I need it set programatically in my page. I also need to set the fail page because the ZD seems to lose the variables in my URL.

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Here is a sample source page:

Wireless Internet Service

function get_param(name)
if (location.href.indexOf("?") >= 0) {
var query=location.href.split("?")[1];
var params=query.split("&");
for (var i = 0; i < params.length; i ++) {
if (value_pair[0] == name)
return unescape(value_pair[1]);
return "";

Wireless Internet Service

http://' + get_param("sip") + ':9997/login">');


New Contributor

you can specify the redirect url for succes by setting the variable "url" in your POST. (For example in a hidden input field for your form)
In this case you need to turn on the redirect to the users intended page.
The users intended page is then sent within the variables the ZD sends to your portal.
If you then ignore the variable and set it staticly in the form, then, if authenticated, the user is redirected to the page you've set there.

Upon failure, the user is sent back to your portal.
You can catch the variables by using javascript getvariable or a simpel GET in html/PHP and add them to the end of the portal url.