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Zone Director Downgrade problems on ZD1100

New Contributor III
My ZoneDirector 1100 is by default on firmware 9.7, and I am trying to downgrade to Version 9.3.

Afer the downgrade, page hungs and the reboot causes the status light to be blinking steadily every half-a-second. All is green but no signal whatsoever on the ZD.

Any thoughts or recommendation on what I should do?

Valued Contributor II
if status LED is blinking RED then something NOT correct. try rebooting and wait for 5-10 mins if still the same then perform hard reset. If reset does not solves the issue then probably box is broken now hence contact support for RMA

Esteemed Contributor II
Flashing Red Status LED means still uploading firmware image, a flashing Green Status LED means Factory Default mode,
which is what will happen if you downgrade without having saved a backup from the previous release.

Does your ZD respond when you ping from a hard-coded PC (any other 192.168.0.x IP)?
If so, use HTTPS:// and run the startup wizard.

And does a power cycle of the ZD, and wait up to 20 minutes, get your LED from flashing Red to a solid Green?
ZD1100 might take a little longer to fully boot up the image.

hi Michael, thanks for the help. I just found out that after a downgrade, all settings will get wiped out. as such, I'll have to simply re-configure from mode and viola! all will be well!

thanks again for the direction and help!