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ZF2942 disconnecting from ZD3000 with firmware

New Contributor II
I upgrade the firmware of ZD3000 to, but after upgarding ZF2942 APs continuously disconnecting from the ZD randomly, anybody ahd experience this problem? Kindly share . . . Thanks

Esteemed Contributor II
We are exploring reports of 2942 AP reboots on 9.6/9.7 firmware, which appears
related to the limited memory resources of this oldest ZoneFlex access point. It
seems not to be a problem in 9.5 releases, and our engineering team is actively
investigating options for 9.6/9.7.

New Contributor II
Upgrade Firmwares today

From  Two Ap’s very slow to reconnect after upgrade, manually unplugged them from the P.O.E. panel to restart them and that did the trick.

From  No problem

From  No problem tested connectivity with guest passes but it would acknowledge the valid correct password no connect

Decided to move up one more to the most stable known version
From 

Same problem at this point with the original connectivity problem via guest pass

Ruckus Support offered solution of deleting the guestpass list and recreating new ones. Not a good solution.

Supervisor said to roll it back to original configuration from Friday. Downgrade back to

New Contributor II
Did the rollback and it is back to working smoothly. Two tips if anyone has to do this process and one lesson gleaned.

First tip is that downgraded firmware resets the unit to Factory Defaults so the IP address falls back to

Second tip is that you can skip firmwares when you downgrade which had me a little worried in the middle of the process. Downgrading back more than one version in my case worked very smoothly.