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ZF 9.9 and SmartRoam+ details?

Valued Contributor II
I noticed that ZF 9.9 seems to support a new form of SmartRoam that uses 802.11v. However, the release notes don't seem to go into detail about how to configure this.

(1) Is this activated by the smart-roam command, or a different one?
(2) Is there a way to enable only the 802.11v form of SmartRoam and not the client disconnecting form? I've seen cases where clients get kicked off the network at inopportune/disruptive times (e.g. in the middle of a FaceTime call or while AirPlaying)
(3) What clients are known to support this form of 802.11v roaming?

Valued Contributor II
So now the CLI reference guide and user manual have been posted, and neither seems to say anything about SmartRoam+ or 802.11v.

Esteemed Contributor II
ZF 9.9 Smartroam may utilize 802.11k and 802.11r for fast roaming transitions,
but I have not seen any word that 802.11v would be implemented with client
communication, nor what clients might support it.

Valued Contributor II
Thanks! So is it still activated by the "smart-roam" command, and keyed off the same "RSSI" based thresholds as shown in the tables in the support documents about smart-roam?

How does SmartRoam+ decide whether to use 802.11k/r/v to seamlessly transition (as described in the What's New document) versus the old way of basically ignoring / sending disassociations to a client until the client makes the right decision eventually?

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