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ZD 3050 - SNMP OID to pull disconnected APs

New Contributor
On the ZD web interface under the monitor tab, you can see the AP list, including the APs that are "disconnected". Is there a way to get the list, including the diconnected APs via SNMP? 

Alternatively, what is the best way to use SNMP to monitor for disconnected APs?


New Contributor
Found this one!
# snmptranslate -m ALL -Td SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.25053.
  SYNTAX        INTEGER {disconnected(0), connected(1), approvalPending(2), upgradingFirmware(3), provisioning(4)}
  MAX-ACCESS    read-only
  STATUS        current
  DESCRIPTION   "The connection status with ZD."
::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprises(1) ruckusRootMIB(25053) ruckusObjects(1) ruckusZD(2) ruckusZDWLANModule(2) ruckusZDWLANMIB(1) ruckusZDWLANObjects(1) ruckusZDWLANAPInfo(2) ruckusZDWLANAPTable(1) ruckusZDWLANAPEntry(1) ruckusZDWLANAPStatus(3) 6 240 62 144 17 39 0 }

By the way how is the trialing string defined for this AP 6 240 62 144 17 39 0? What does each number mean? 


Did you find a way to implement it into a monitoring tool?If so, what?
Looking into adding it to Zabbix or something like it..

(OP: i dont think OID will do what you want)

from what i can see  , you need to snmp WALK:

when i walk that, i get 216 x OIDs , each with a 1 or 0 (ie status connected or disconnected).  this lines up w my ZD having 216 APs, and about 6x of them are curretnly disconnected.

however the issue becomes how do you monitor 216x OIDs via a snmp device (like PRTG or MRTG).   

what i do is monitor:

which is generated on/from the ZD and returns a # for current connected APs to the ZD  (so if you see a drop then you know some APs are missing/disconnected).

its the opposite of waht OP wants, but can accomplish the same thing.  (if you use PRTG you can use sensor factor to subtract this value from a static # you input, of your total active aps,  ie in my case,  216 - = # of disconnected (or 0 if no disconnected aps)