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ZD3k upgrade path 9.7 to 9.9?

New Contributor II
What will be the correct update path to ZD 9.9 release when ZD3000 without Smart Redundancy and AP's is running at

According list below, do i need to upgrade first to a version on the left side of the list below and after that an upgrade to 9.9 release. Or because ZD3000 current version is higher of version I can directly to 9.9 version?

According release notes of ZD 9.9;
Officially Supported 9.9 Upgrade Paths
The following ZoneDirector builds can be directly upgraded to ZoneDirector build
• (9.7 GA)
• (9.7 MR 1)
• (9.7 MR 2)
• (9.8 GA)
• (9.8 MR 1)
• (9.8 MR 2)
• (9.9 GA)

If you are on it sounds like it might have been an early release of the final 9.7 MR1 (.32) and you should be able to upgrade to 9.9 according to release notes. However depending on what AP you have you may want to simply go to 9.7.2 latest build and wait for 9.10 which will be out soon and just skip 9.9 altogether. Seems 9.9 will be a short lived build (a few months).

New Contributor II
current AP types: zf7352, zf7372 [incl. a zf7372-e version] and zf7762. Future might be added to the new series. One of the reasons of upgrading.

To be safe, I will go first to version and well 9.9/10 version, it depends how quick our customer will decide.