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ZD3000 a reduntaste are. I have a ZD3000, Feilover

New Contributor II
what parameter you have to use to connect 2 controradola ZD3000 a reduntaste are. I have a ZD3000, working with several connected APs and want to put another controradola ZD3000 in Feilover with more AP. What is the best option for configutrar? Thank you.

New Contributor
Hi Dreyes,

To have a Redundant setup, please enable Smart Redundancy.

Here are the steps how the feature can be enabled:

1: Login to the Zone Director.

2: Click on Configure >> System >> Check Enable Smart Redundancy.

3: Enter the Peer Device IP Address(Your Standby ZD IP Address)

4: Enter a Shared Secret(Password).

5: Login to the Secondary Zone Director follow the Step 2 to 4.

This will enable a Smart Redundancy on your Setup.

You can also refer to this article , if you have Active support:

Thank you. Tufail

At the time of setting the 2nd ZD3000 in feilover she takes the configuration gives the first?
I have to do a backup to primary and subirselo which will be in Feilover?

In conclusion I have a ZD3000, with 150 APs connected and I will connect 75 new license and one with ZD3000, to be set to Feilover.

Esteemed Contributor II
If you have 150 APs, both ZDs need licenses to be able to manage 150 APs, in case one was offline.

When working as Active/Standby peers, yes, the configuration is synchronized between both ZDs.

All APs will be managed by the Active ZD, until/unless a failover is triggered by the administrator or network problem.