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ZD1200 upgrade failed

New Contributor III
ZD1200 upgrade failed. We tryed to upgrade a ZD1200 from FW version to the latest 10.x version. without any luck. What we see is that the ZD shows the screen that the FW is uploading till it reaches 100% but after it reboots it still shows the 9.x FW version. Meaning the upgrade was not succesfull. We do not get any errors or whatso ever. 

any ideas on what the issue can be. A support entitlement is present. We factory defaulted the ZD also no luck upgrading it to a later version 

Did you check the Release Notes for the release you're upgrading to? It lists which releases can be directly upgraded to the new release. 

Upgrading directly from 9.10.2 to 10.x may not be possible, you may have to do it in multiple steps. 

Check the Release Notes.

Try 9.12 first

New Contributor III
Hi all, Yes we have upgraded according the upgrade path listed in the release notes. This is very strange because i have at least upgraded 50 ZD's in the past 3 years but never seen this before.
any other ideas?