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ZD1200, r500 APs and Airprint on HP Print server

New Contributor
I have ZD1200 and r500 APs. I have an HP wireless print server attached to my HP printer.

Printer server, printer, ZD and APs all on the same subnet.  Print server has an  IP address and the print server config says that AirPrint is enabled but the printer doesn't always show up on my iphone.  

Do I need to enable Bonjour gateway on the WLAN and the APs for AirPrint to work? Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?

Perhaps the WLAN is dropping the routers IP address into inactive and that's why the printing isn't showing up? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


New Contributor III
Hi Dixie,
you only need a bonjour gateway if the AirPrint device is on a different VLAN/Subnet from the client devices.

Bonjour advertisements do not cross networks so the purpose of the gateway is to re-advertise the bonjour service to another network. You also have to have routing/firelwall rules to allow the actual data to traverse the networks.

You do not mention if the client WLAN is on the same network/VLAN  as the  devices.  If they are then there is no need for a bonjour gateway and some thing else is causing the issue.