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ZD1200 not obeying NTP server configuration

New Contributor II
ZoneDirector 1200 version build 42

NTP is enabled, with NTP server specified, for example "". The real NTP server address is our internal NTP hostname with 2x A records and 2x AAAA records in DNS.

But looking at packet capture, the ZoneDirector is going to random NTP servers to ask for time. Example list of NTP servers ZD is observed as using: - - - -

It looks like ZoneDirector uses some internal hard-coded list of NTP servers.

If I specify an NTP server in ZoneDirector configuration, I expect ZoneDirector to not use any other NTP server.

Confirming from CLI "show config" (real address and TZ censored):
  Status= Enabled
  Address= ntp.(example).com
  Timezone= GMT+x

New Contributor II
Confirmed: using DNS name as NTP server on ZD1200 build 42 does not work.
ZD1200 queries outside NTP servers.

Obviously a limitation/bug in build 42. At least in our configuration where the DNS name resolves to 2x A and 2x AAAA RRs.

Using an IP address works as expected.

Case ID: 00821735 opened.