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ZD1106 Smart Redundancy - Standby Unit Disconnected

New Contributor II
ZD1106 SR pair on firmware build 369 - Secondary unit occasionally goes disconnected.  Reboot resolves connectivity.  I am curious if this problem is a know issue that is resolved in a firmware update or something simple.   The logs on the secondary unit indicate that the device recovered from a failure, zonedirector service restarted.  The actions the secondary unit takes do not seem to resolve the problem.  The secondary unit is also unmanageable via Web UI or CLI during the problem.  Pings are good but Web UI doesn't load and CLI connects but admin credentials do not work to log in.  Cold boot and everything comes back normal. Logins via the management IP of the SR pair are not impacted and the primary unit continues to service wireless normally, SR is just not functional during the issue. Anyone seen this before?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Bobby,

    Your was the GA release for ZDs, and there have been 3 Maintenance Releases
since that first firmware.  I don't recall any SR bugs in particular, but I would recommend that
you schedule a change management period, and upgrade to our current MR3 code
that has the most bug fixes and AP performance improvements.  Here's our link to the RNs,
the place to start, to see among other things, that the Upgrade Path says you can go directly
to this version, after saving a backup on your current code.