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How to test COA Disconnect-Message (rfc 5176) support for ZoneDirector?

New Contributor
I am trying to test or find any documentation regarding this. Is there a quick way to test if my ZoneDirector device supports COA Disconnect-Message (rfc 5176)?

Esteemed Contributor II
Enable 802.1x and RADIUS on the Adminster/Diagnostics page, and track a client MAC connecting to a DVLAN enabled WLAN.

I cannot find the exact date for ZoneDirector, but I can confirm SmartZone has had rfc-5176 compliance since 2.5.1 release.
Last I could find, SZ 3.2.1 patch for Framed-IP attributes value received not used for session validation or Acct-Terminating-cause
is not sent back in 'accounting stop'.

If you need assistance with troubleshooting, Tech Support would be able to assist.