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ZD1100 web admin page timing out all the time

New Contributor II
Anyone else having these issues? i have 3 different offices all running zd1100 with version 9.8. when i try to log into the web admin page the page times out immediately and i can not and the page goes down for up to 20 minutes at a time. i just can't access the login page at all. then sometimes i can login and then as soon as i start to do something i lose the page again and can not access it for up to 20 minutes again.

i just upgraded a brand new controller to 9.8 and now i have lost access to it completely. is 9.8 just a terrible version? this has happened to every single one of my ZD1100.

Esteemed Contributor II
I have not heard any similar complaints, but I would like to review a ZD debug info
file collected after WebUI comes back from a period of inaccessibility. Can you pls
open a ticket with Tech Support?

New Contributor II
thanks Michael but i actually found the source of my problem. it was dhcp errors that were causing IP conflicts.