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ZD1100 no ping after various amount of time

New Contributor
We have a ZD1100 with 2 zf7352 access points. The LAN cable is plugged in to the 10/100/1000 port and has a static IP . The AP are on the same network

For some reason for the last couple of days there was no ping to the ZD1100 and was resolved only via restart. There was ping to the AP though. 
After restarting same thing happens after 20 minutes to a few hours.

Do not see something in logs besides cold boot. What can be the reason for this issue

FW is - b15

PS - the only thing we did is plug in a printer briefly to the "ethernet" port on the front, but it is now removed and still loosing connection.


Valued Contributor II
i would suggest that u upgrade to latest firmware version available for ZD1100. follow correct upgrade path (read release notes). See if problem resolves however if it does not then open a support ticket...

issues likes these difficult to resolve via forums...

Esteemed Contributor II
Ditto what Monnat said, as it would take a debug interpretation by Tech Support to determine the exact issue you're seeing.

Both Eth ports on the front of the ZD are one logical interface, switched together, for a PC or additional AP/Printer/etc.
But if you have a switch into one of the ZD ports now, connecting your additional PC/Printer/APs on the switch should
all be able to communicate with your ZD.  Even though you are using static IPs, do you have have a true router to act as
your little network's default-gateway?  All all devices using the same default-gateway IP address?

New Contributor
Thanks guys,

I have a zentyal (linux server as router) and it was working perfectly. After plugging in the printer for into one of the two  front ports it gone crazy.

How can I update the firmware If do not have the premium upgrade account that is required to download the latestt firmware?


Esteemed Contributor II
Purchasing a minimal support contract provides access to free software upgrades, access to Knowledge Base, perhaps advance replacement RMA if desired.