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ZD1100 Upgrade issues

New Contributor
I seem to be getting stuck trying to upgrade from upwards regardless of version. I have tried a number of times with no success. Please help

New Contributor II
Hello Matt,
Have you tried to reboot your ZD to free up some memory? The latest firmware release for 9.4 is which you can download from this link:

Before attempting any upgrade, do remember to save a backup config of your current version in case you need to do a rollback.


New Contributor
I have rebooted, reset the unit to Factory default, tried loading, and onwards.
The system accepts the Image and directs me to a progress page but sits on 0% and goes nowhere else. After about 15-20 minutes nothing changes so I have to reboot and try again.
I have recently upgraded our in-house ZD1100 all the way up from to without an issue.

I have used IE, Firefox and chrome with the same result.

Am I just being impatient and it takes longer than 15-20 minutes sometimes?

Valued Contributor II
It would probably be informative to connect a console cable and see what's happening more directly. This sounds likely to become an RMA. And waiting up to :30 might bear fruit as well.