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ZD1100 AP7372 HP2520 POE using VLAN

New Contributor
We are using HP2520 POE Switches. I have 1 ZD1100 and 12 AP's that I would like to install. I have 3 AP's and a ZD1100 attached to ports on one HP2520.

I have another HP2520 in another part of the building that I want to add additional AP's too. I create a VLAN on the HP2520 and connect the 2-AP's to those VLAN'ed POE ports on the 2520 but my ZD1100 does not detect the new AP's.

Esteemed Contributor II
Generally, you want ZD and APs on the same VLAN, which must be tagged or
untagged thru the whole network. If you add APs on a different VLAN/subnet
than the ZD, use option 43 in DHCP or define a 'director' DNS hostname with
your ZD's IP address to help the APs with discovery.

Confirm there's routing between new APs and the ZD by pinging the ZD from an
AP. Lastly, you might point the new/remote APs to the ZD with an AP CLI cmd:

set director ip a.b.c.d

with your ZD's IP address. This cmd instructs the AP to send an LWAPP discovery
to your ZD. I hope this is helpful.

Valued Contributor II

I just wanted to add that you really don't want to have APs management VLAN tagged on AP interfaces.

You still can use any VLAN, just make it native (untagged) on AP ports (which are trunks). Otherwise new APs, or even provisioned in case of any problem, when tag setting on AP is lost, will be unable to communicate with ZD.