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ZD11 fials continually on upgrade, no way to upgrade firmware.

New Contributor
I am trying to upgrade one of my Zone directors. It is a ZD1112 with no AP's attached. Current firmware is After the system has uploaded the firmware the dialog changes to 'restarting', the status led flashes red; on and off, and that's all, I reset it after 2,5 hours. I know it's not the firmware as II successfully upgraded the other two ZD100's that I have yesterday using the same img file. Is there a way to firce the ZD100 into recovery mode so try and manually delete the current firmware so that I can try reloading it directly?

Esteemed Contributor II
No force recovery mode behavior in the Controllers.

1. Best practice is to save your 9.6 ZD backup file, (and put '961015' digits in the filename to remind
you if you ever need to role back again) with any upgrade.  Next, to help your next attempt to hopefully
be more successful, please clear your Monitor page Alarms and Events/Activities (clear all), and reboot
before you try again.  This clears memory.

2. Run a continuous ping to your ZD during the upgrade as you follow along on the WebUI screens.
If you see that the firmware is uploaded and the ZD is rebooting, your pings should eventually fail for
a few seconds, indicating that it has rebooted (to the new image), and start up again.

Wait for a green Status LED is the next advice, but if it's been more than 5 minutes after you saw
pings fail/restart, try opening a login page.  If you get one and login, check your Dashboard system
overview to see the Version.