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ZD1000 firmware upgrade asks for premium support. Why?

New Contributor
I want to upgrade ZD1000 firmware to latest available upgrade (ZD1000 MR Software Release) This is the MR resolution for Ruckus Security Advisory ID 111113-1 and ID 111113-2

I am hoping this upgrade will fix the map view error on the ZD web interface.

However it states that premium support is required to activate the download. Why premium support???

Valued Contributor II
If you open a support case (chat/phone) and explain you are looking for the security patch, they'll get it to you.

I do not believe this will fix the java issue for you as that codebase is only updated for security vulnerabilities and the fix for Java 7 did not appear until 9.5.

New Contributor
How could I have the last firmware update to the ZoneDirector 1000?

I'm running this version: build 38

Best Regards

Valued Contributor II
Hi Doug, we just decided to remove the Premium access requirement for the
ZD1100 since the product is no longer being updated.

ZoneFlex 9.3.4 is the last release the ZD1000 can run.


New Contributor
Hi Keith, How are you.

First of all, Thank you for the reply.

Can I upgrade my version directly? I mean, from b38 to

Muito Obrigado!