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ZD1000 Files for firmware upgrade.

New Contributor II
Please help. I have to upgrade my firmware currently build 57 in order to manage a newer model AP7363. I realise that this is an old version but I've never had any problems with it using AP2942, but now find old AP's are not supported with this firmware. Can the firmware please be released for upgrade.

I haven't got a premium account, but surely Ruckus should not restrict access to the files.


Esteemed Contributor II
I've been in tech support long enough to remember version 7.0 and I have feelings for users of our End of Life ZD1000.

We have a path to upgrade a ZD1000 from 2.0 to current latest version.

Customers should be able to go from 2 > 3 > 6 > 7.0 > 7.1 > 8.1/8.2 > > 9.3/9.4

To upgrade ZD:

Visit ZD's GUI  Administer  Upgrade  Browse the image file and hit upgrade button.

Once the ZD is upgraded to new firmware connect all devices to ZD to upgrade automatically.

To download image files please find URL links below.

Image 3.0 :

Image 6.0 :

Image 7.1 :

Image 8.2 :

Image 9.1 :

Image 9.3 :

New Contributor
Got it. Thanks!

New Contributor
Thanks for this - thought I was really stuck so this is a life saver!

New Contributor
Thanks! But when I tried to upgrade it says:

ZoneDirector memory is not enough to upload file. Please delete unnecessary events/alarms or reboot ZoneDirector before uploading file.

Too bad. 

My current version is build 13, trying to upgrade to anything higher always prompt me with that error.