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ZD 3050 which firmware version to use

New Contributor
When I go to the downloads page for the 3000 it says Recommended Firmware:ZD3000 but ZD3000 is listed as the latest available. Why the difference?

Valued Contributor II
i think lack of website updates..
in the interim you should check with support team on what would be greatest firmware for your deployment keeping in mind not just controller hardware, but also AP etc..

Contributor III
9.8 MR3 is considered to be most stable, and 9.12 MR1 patch 1 is bleeding edge with new features and enhancements, therefore Ruckus will always recommend that you use what is considered to be the most stable release so you get the best experience

Note: All fixes that are in 9.12 MR1 patch 1 are also in 9.8.MR3.

New Contributor
Thanks Sean that makes sense. I will stick with 9.8 for now.

New Contributor III
As AlphaDog states, definitely check AP support. We have to stick with because it is the last firmware that supports the ZF7962 AP. However, it is missing some fixes that are said to be in the later versions.