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Generated Dynamic PSK list missing

New Contributor III
I logged in to our ZoneDirector and noticed that sometime in the last 24 hours the list of all our generated DPSKs is no longer showing. The only item that appears is for the default user "activator". At first I thought that one of our other admins must have accidentally deleted all our users (several hundred) but after deeper investigation this doesn't seem to be the case, as our users are still connecting via their previously generated DPSKs to our secure wifi network. So it appears that the DPSKs are still saved in the system, they just aren't showing up in that page on the admin console.

In addition, I just tried batch generating several new DPSKs and none of them appear in the list. This is baffling, and of course we can't manage our DPSKs if we can't see them, so we would greatly appreciate any ideas or solutions!

We have a ZD3100 running version build 14.

New Contributor III
Did you set expiration for the DPSK?
Beside, If you click on Monitor--> Generated PSK/Certs, you can find the generated key and expires of them.

Hope this helps.

The Monitor->Generated PSK/Certs page is the one that is no longer showing our generated PSKs. It won't even show any new PSKs that I generate!

The majority of our DPSKs were set for 1 year expiration, with some set for unlimited. And they were all created only in the last two weeks. Besides which, it appears that the previously generated PSKs are still valid as our wireless clients are still connecting using their individual PSKs.


i would suggest that you try in a different browser and see if its just a cosmetic issue..

to me looks like an issue which require support team attention to investigate..

Thanks, AlphaDog. I tried Firefox and Chrome, and neither work. They both worked fine previously. I am using the exact computer and browser that I have been using to manage our ZD in the past. I am currently on a support chat with Ruckus, but now we're having issues deciphering when our support contract started/expires.... 😕