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ZD 3000 with version build 35 DASHBOARD questions

New Contributor II
I just upgraded my ZD3k to version 10. I noticed that the dashboard is completely different since it's a major upgrade release. 
That's fine but I'm just curious if there is a possibility to go back to the version 9 dashboard view? Or maybe they just being moved somewhere in 10. 

Two things that I'd like to get back:
1. I love the System Overview, Devices Overview, Usage Summary, Top 10 SSID, Most Active Client, etc. Whatever widgets they have on the version 9 dashboard, I want them all back because I used them all the time.
2. The ability to right click and open in a new tab. 

So far those two are the one that I can think of. 
If you guys could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. 

Thanks, guys. 

The old interface is still there, change the /admin10/ to /admin/ in the URL and you'll see the old interface

That's great.

Thanks for good info.

New Contributor II
Thank you. Best of both worlds then. PERFECT!!

New Contributor II
In another topic, do you know how to get rid of the map from the new dashboard? I don't need it. Thanks again.