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Unable to Edit Application Policy Limits After Created

New Contributor III

We're using a ZD3000 w/ b35. I've noticed that there is no way to edit a Rate Limit rule after it's created. -I have to delete, then re-create it. In switching to v9 control panel view, I can see the rules, but clicking 'edit' results in empty fields; so that doesn't work, either. 

Also, this is more of a two-part feature request: In the Application Policy Rule Creation, it would be INCREDIBLY helpful to be able to search (or at a minimum, have the entries listed in alphabetical order) across all categories for a specific application. It would also be helpful to be able to rate-limit an entire category or some way to create a rule for several applications in a category. An example is the apple family of services, I would love to be able to assign a rate-limit to all of them as they are mostly similar in my desire to rate-limit.

Misc. Feature Requests:
In v9 maps, it was possible to show the users connected to the AP on the map, this is gone, now. It would be great to have that feature back.

On the dashboard, it shows excellent, healthy and warning clients; it would be helpful to link to a list that reflects each of these categories.

Intermittent issue with Applications pane sometimes does not show top users of an application. It's unclear what conditions are causing this, however. I will update if I find a consistency to this issue. 

It would be very handy to be able to link guest passes to connected station