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ZD 1200 and ZF R500 Dual Band 802.11 AC Tagged or Untagged

New Contributor II
New to Ruckus Wifi 
We are setting up a new network, with Wifi using Ruckus ZoneDirector 1200 latest firmware and
ZF R500 Dual Band 802.11 AC  Access points(40)   We have HP switches all layer 2 routing is through a fortinet fortigate100d
We have setup one LWAP vlan for Access Points and ZD
It looks like the ZD1200 needs to be untagged in the LWAP vlan and Tagged for all other Vlans,  Question  Can the Access  Points be untagged/access ports  Example Aruba APs by default send all client traffic back to the controller and the controller puts it on the right VLANs
Any help or pointers appreciated



but the  problem if don't go out on the correct VLANs ?

ZD does not alter the client source VLAN and should drop the traffic in the right VLAN. However, if you are seeing this otherwise, please do port-mirror of ZD and AP uplink port and open a support case with us to debug.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the help  1 issue I experienced early was changing the vlan ID from 1 to  140, our vlan for LWAP I lost connectivity and had to console in and reset to 1      It was in vlan 140 so not sure what happened.  

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Craig,

If you change the AP Management VLAN to a Tagged VLAN(140), you would then also need to change the ZD's Management VLAN as described by David in above comment.

but how you can change the ZD's Management VLAN ?
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