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ZD 1200 / R600s and 7982 / Connection and speed issues / Reboot?

New Contributor
We've been taking complaints about being able to connect to connect to only one of two VLANs we have setup on our Zone Director and extremely slow connections once connected.  We're thinking about power cycling the WAPs - 4 R600s and 1 7982.  Thoughts?

Esteemed Contributor II
What version of ZD firmware, what kind of clients, and what kind of WLANs? 
Which one do they connect to ok, which one do they have "problems" with?

You need to analyze client connections from the AP support info files, to see if
the APs have local interference (Athstats) or Clients have weak connections
(client status under WLAN interfaces).  This will be more helpful than rebooting
APs or clients.