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ZD 1100 with 7352 AP's

New Contributor

Hi Folks,

I've been ask to help at a site that has lost it's wi-fi.  On examining the issue, the ZD 1100 has a solid green light, with a flashing red light.  The AP's are powering up but not broadcasting any networks.

Whilst, we appear to be able to hit the web GUI.  Unfortunately, but also good in one sense, the default username and password (super/sp-admin) is not working.  Same with SSH.  The original install company went into administration which leaves us with no ability to reach out and ask for the details.

We are looking at a long term solution of replacing the solution but any advice regarding how we might restore wi-fi in the interim, would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Contributor II


The ZD1100 had a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. The fine print called out that this warranty ended 5 years after the ZD1100 was end-of-sale, but you could always contact support to see if that's still the current policy or if they can still help.

If they can't/won't help anymore...

I've bought several dead ZD1100s with these symptoms & have successfully brought them back to life by copying the internal USB flash drive onto a replacement USB stick, using my PC. I documented the procedure here:

If the internal USB stick is too dead to copy then there's an ImageUSB backup you can use here:

Thank you, ms264556.

I'll reach out to support and see if they are able to assist.

I am potentially coming to the realisation that a factory reset and then moving onto the usb stick replacement may be the only route.