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ZD 1100 not recognizing AP 7363

New Contributor
I did an upgrade attempt of my Zone Director 1100 from version 9.5.1 to After 30 minutes without any other response than ping from the ZD I did a power cycle and it came back online. However no it denies connection from all my APs with the message "Model[zf7363] is not supported". According to the version page for the access points the all have the same 9.5.1 version as the ZD.
Sooo, whats wrong here?

Valued Contributor
To be clear what version number is the ZD now reporting?

Think you are saying that ZD and APs are all at 9.5.1 but just checking.

Valued Contributor

From the upgrade release notes:

9) Symptom: During the upgrade, the device may appear un-responsive after
the system restart. LED’s are off. Workaround:
a. If, after waiting at least 25minutes the ZoneDirector has still not
redirected you to the login page, check the Status LED on the front
of the unit. If the Status LED is green click on the link on the upgrade
page. which will take you to the log in page.
• Congratulations you are finished with the upgrade procedure!
b. If the Status LED is off, red or flashing red power-cycle the unit by
unplugging the power adaptor from the rear of the unit. Wait 10 seconds,
then plug it back in. The ZoneDirector will boot, but will NOT be

Was it a "b" scenario?

Valued Contributor
In which case the notes continue:

"Go back and perform the upgrade once more. The ZoneDirector
should reset as normal, and when it finishes will be running the 9.6.2
software. If not, contact Ruckus technical support."