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Wireless networks being broadcasted unsecured

New Contributor

We have a ZoneDirector 1200 and have around 60 APs scattered around 18 different sites. We got a call from one of our sites and they asked us why all our wireless networks were broadcasting unlocked. When we looked a certain AP at that site just started broadcasting or SSID unsecured. When we pull that AP from the network everything is locked down again. We contacted Ruckus and they are replacing that AP. While we are working to replace that one another one at that site started doing the same thing... On top of all that a second site is now reporting the same thing.

If you connect to the unsecured Wifi you are indeed connected to our trusted network and can get around to places that only people on our staff should have access to.

How in the world is this a thing? This is crazy to watch a network unsecure itself one AP at a time!