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Will the ZD1100 ever see ZeroIT support for Win10 and Android 5+?

New Contributor II
Just wondering if any of the remaining 9.10 releases will include support for ZeroIT on Windows 10 and Android 5 and up devices (also iOS 9 up for that matter)? We purchased a ZD1100 early this year just a couple months before EOL announcement was made (Don't believe ZD1200 was available yet). Would be unfortunate if our 1100 will never support current OSes even in the short term. We don't plan to run this thing to 2020 but would like to get a couple years out of it.

Esteemed Contributor II
That's a good point, and ZF-14316 is the ER number to follow.

I've added a note that ZD1100 needs a fix in 9.10.x firmware.

This ER is still under active development, so no ETA yet, but your
voice has been echo'd to the engineers.

Thanks for the update. Perhaps I'm a dunce, but where can I follow the ER?

I would also like to know this, I have no idea where to find the ER.

Sorry, those are internal bug system numbers, that Tech Support can update you on, but aren't visible directly to the public.