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Why does ZD and SZ restrict downgrading in running status?

Valued Contributor
Hi Dear.

Why does Ruckus block downgrading from ZD and SZ?

Especially, Why does ZD block downgrading to older version?

In ZD, if you would downgrading, must factory-set and re-configure from initial level.

Though you had done backup configuration, you don't resore new version(downgraded version) because the configuration didn't match f/w version.

I don't understand it.

Also ZD don't have cluster-backup/restore like SZ(exactly snapshot)

It's very inconvenient.

Do Ruckus have plan about flexible downgrading in further release?


Valued Contributor
Hi Jeronimo,

I think you gave the answer yourself already.
With a new version comes new features or database / config changes.
For that reason we push always the config backup on the ZD so you can roll back.
In that case use the upgrade function select the old firmware and after that upload the config backup of that version.

With SZ, we recommend to make a cluster backup, which is a full backup and you can restore to that also with the restore local command in CLI or via the webgui.

Kind regards


In zd, After downgrading for older version, we cannot import previouly config backup file.

If we import the file, ZD issue msg as "....mismatch fw version...."

Thus if we need to downgrading, we must re-start configration from initial setup.


Valued Contributor
Hi Jeronimo

Let me try to explain in more detail 

When you for example running version 9.8.3 on the ZD and you want to upgrade to 9.9 you are pushed before doing the upgrade the config backup for version 9.8.3. If you don't have that, you declined it before the upgrade.

So you should have the old config backup of your previous software installation.

Kind regards