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What power does the R700 have compared to the 7982 and 7372?

Contributor III
I put an R700 in a "test" environment and the coverage area seems less than what I'd expect from a 7982.
I plan on swapping the R700 out with a 7982 to see if / how_much coverage improves.
I checked specs on the website and found that the transmit power of an R700 is lower than a 7372. (can that be right?)

How should I expect an R700 to perform (coverage area wise) compared to a 7982?

New Contributor III
Hi Bill,
R700 has about 1dB higher transmit power (max condition) per spatial stream than 7372 and 7982. It looks like the R700 web spec reports power per spatial stream and the 7372 web spec reports combined power (e.g. sum of spatial streams) so they are not comparable numbers. We'll get the web specs cleaned up to use consistent metrics.
The datasheets currently report combined power for all these APs, so they are consistent.

R700 should provide similar coverage to 7982 - maybe even slightly better due to the 1dB higher transmit power per stream, although this is a small difference to notice over the air. Both APs have the same antenna coverage pattern.