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Software to monitor AP's performance and default users moving huge files?

New Contributor

All our offices APS are monitored by a central zoneflex system.

I am looking for a software to monitor or notify me if some user transfer huge file
across AP's in my office more over performance of them.

Thanks in Advance

Valued Contributor II
Hello Viccky, from Ruckus ZD point of view you can take a look at few knobs for monitoring:

On Dashboard - add widget - Most Active Client Devices which will tell you the MAC Address, IP Address, User's Usage. this is more of post mortem rather that pro-active measure from my point of view.

then you got: Usage Summary which tells you Bytes Transmitted in last 1 hr and 24 hr which could tell the tale or change in normal trend.

Where to find this - see the URL -

I have NOT used any program or tool however there are quite a few out there. try Solar wind Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor at

i hope this help.