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What is included in this SKU - Ruckus 7372 Access Point - 901-7372-US00

New Contributor II
I would like to know if this comes with only local power or if a POE injector is included. Will a 16-Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Smart Switch with 8-Port PoE be able to power this AP sufficiently? What is your view on a 7352 versus a 7372 for density and coverage?


New Contributor
That part number comes with the 7372 AP as well as some mounting hardware.
Here is a picture of what is included.

Personally I would use the 7372 as we are seeing a large number of personal devices as well as corporate laptops coming with 5ghz support now. Being able to have clients on both bands will obviously provide for better end user experience.

New Contributor II

Thank you for the quick reply. I definitely agree with alleviating usage on the 2.4Ghz channel by utilizing the 5Ghz channel on newer devices.

New Contributor II
I am trying to build out a hotel with 3 stories and 90 rooms using 7-7372's all POE powered on the 2nd floor only. My goal is to hit a minimum of -65 dBm in all rooms of the hotel. Would this be a viable build out in your opinion?