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WebUI management on separate VLAN

New Contributor
Our client requires that AP's be on a separate VLAN from the rest of our network equipment (AP's and ZD on one vlan, switches on another vlan, etc). That much, we can take care of just fine. However, when we do this we no longer have remote access to the ZD's at client sites. We have tried enabling the additional management interface on the same vlan as our switches so that we would have remote access, but we have not been able to make it work. The only thing that seems to matter for WebUI access is the access vlan in the ZD device ip settings.

Is it possible to remotely manage the ZD from a different vlan than the vlan that the AP's use to communicate with the ZD?

New Contributor II

Have you checked the Management Access Control section under configure / system. Here you list IP addresses that can access the ZD