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Warning after upgrade to 9.9 build 205

New Contributor
After upgrading my ZD1100 I get the following message on the backup Controller of the Smart Redundancy:
"A support upgrade entitlement does not appear to have been purchased for this ZD."
The serial number of the two controller are: Master - 321223000165; Backup - 321223000257. What further action is needed?


Valued Contributor II
Hi Armin,

I think this change was seen starting 9.8 version so its not a new thing for 9.9.

This just informs you that Back up Controller on which you see this warning does not have active support contract for you to upgrade or get an advance replacement in case if that hardware fails.

If this is true then you need to contact to confirm and they will further suggest what need to be done.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor

If the support contract has expired, will the ZD still function without renewing the support?

Valued Contributor II
Yes, the ZD will still function but will display this warning in the admin panel (not to any guest portals).

The most important restriction is starting from 9.9, it will also not allow you to apply further firmware updates without a valid support entitlement.

so if you have no support contract and upgrade to 9.9 you cannot go to 9.10?  if you go direct to 9.10 you just have to back up the config and put it back on after upgrade?

What is the important restriction from 9.9?