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WLAN to LAN Bonjour Gateway

New Contributor

I'm trying to configure a Bonjour Gateway to use AirServer on our network. The AirServer is installed on a LAN connected Desktop on VLAN 63 with the clients on WiFi on VLAN 150. We'll be wanting to deploy AirServer on perhaps up to 10 wired LANs. Both the VLANs we're testing this on have trunks to the ZD controller.

According to the ZD documentation, both VLANs need to be on separate SSIDs. Does this mean I'd need to create SSIDs for these 10 VLANs or does ZD just need to be able to receive the tagged frames over the trunks?

I'd really not want to have to have all these extra SSIDs as devices should only be connecting to a single SSID. Hiding the SSID isn't secure enough as anyone with Kali can attest to.

Thanks for your help.

Esteemed Contributor II

You want to share your centralized VLAN 63 AirServer with to up to 10 client wired LANs.
You only need to define Bridge Services in one direction, from VLAN 63 to other VLANs,
and you can create 10 different site/VLAN services, one for each site and the local VLAN.

You probably have AP Groups, specifying which APs are used at each site.  You can have
a WLAN Group or just one WLAN/local SSID per site (don't need to advertise all 10), on
those site AP Groups.

Choose one AP at each site, and Edit it from the ZD's Configure/Access Points page, and
you'll see a dropdown for Bonjour Gateway.  Choose the Bridge Service for that site's VLAN
from those you created.  I hope this is helpful, and please let us know.