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WLAN access restriction by timetable...

New Contributor II
Hi people! I need to configure hour-limited access restriction on my configured wlans. For example, i want to have a wlan named "WLAN01" which is accesible from 8:00am to 2:00pm and another one named "WLAN01" accesible from 3:00pm to 10:00pm. Is the any way to do it?. I've been searching on the manual and haven't found anything. Thanks in advance!

New Contributor II
The second one is "WLAN02", sorry 😛

Contributor II
Yes, but this can only be done on a ZD managed AP. Each wlan can be configured to only be active on specific day/time independent of each other. You can find this function in the "Advanced Options" in the "Service Schedule" section.

Valued Contributor
Yes as above...but the option is a little buried if using ZD.

Configure tab
WLANS (left menu choices)
edit (one of your WLANS)
expand "+ advanced"
scroll down to service schedule (which gives you 15min granularity)

Might be of use!

New Contributor II
Yes, I'm using a ZD3050, and worked perfect. Thanks a lot!