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WLAN(SSID) are visible from other WAN Groups that are not member of the group

New Contributor II
Ive created 2 WAN Groups and 4 WLANs, then joined 2 WLAN on each WAN Groups but upon verifiying the created WLAN(SSID) are visible on both WAN Group.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Gie,

I'm sorry I can't quite follow you.  Do you mean you have created two AP Groups, and you wish to apply the different WLAN Group to each?

From Configure/WLANs, have you setup two WLAN groups, each with the SSIDs you want?

Then from Configure/Access Points, under AP Groups, define a new group (not System Default),
and under Radio Settings, there is a WLAN Group option to "override System Default", which
is a dropdown, and should show the alternate WLAN Group you defined.

If you made two different WLAN Groups, you should be able to assign them to the APs in two
different AP groups, with this override setting.  Make the setting on both radios if you have
dual-band radios.  I hope this is helpful.

New Contributor II
Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply. I've overlooked to change the 5ghz radio to override to newly created WLAN Group.

99% of the time, that is the reason