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WIFI Problem with macOS Sierra 10.12.x

New Contributor
users use Macos sierro usually disconnect wifi

we use ZD1200, AP R510 , Firmware Version9.13.3.0 build 157

Esteemed Contributor II
Why are they disconnecting? 

Use ZoneDirector Debug Logs and AP support info files to track a problematic client MAC address.


1.  On Administer/Diagnostics page, in Debug Logs section, click boxes for Access Points, 802.1x and Client Association.

2.  Enter problematic client MAC address in the box at the bottom of the section, and click Apply.

3.  When client reports having problems, click Save Debug Info button to save debug logs.

4. On Monitor/Access Points page, for the AP that the Client is on last, click the blue/green icon to the far right (System Info).

5. Analyze information for client MAC connectivity in the AP Support Info file, and if necessary provide ZD debug log and MAC to Ruckus Tech Support.